about the game

Code: HARDCORE is a high-quality 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience to every player. The game offers awesome features such as different styles of mechs, various elite weapons, unique items, stunning skins, smooth gaming control, hardcore combat feelings, and high-quality animations. Deadly unique combination of fighting styles are completely controlled and created by the player. Through various combinations, the player can create their own exclusive fighting styles.

If you are a mecha fan, DO NOT miss Code: HARDCORE !!!

The game can be played by using the classic joysticks, with similar functionality as Metal Slug or Contra. In the game, you can fly and dash at any time and with a manual aiming feature, you can put your skills to the test!

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In addition to a V.S. Battle Mode, Code: HARDCORE has a well-designed single-player story mode. The single player story will immerse you in an exciting world of mechs as a soldier fighting in the great mech war!

Code: HARDCORE will support an online multiplayer mode when the game is officially released. As for the trial demo, the game only supports a local multiplayer mode which allows you to play with your friends on the same PC.

When we released the trial demo of Code: HARDCORE into the gaming community, we received countless positive feedback and support from all over the globe. At the gaming expos, we were pleased and honored to have a continual stream of people gathered at our booth. All of the players were eagerly waited in long lines to get a taste of Code: HARDCORE. We were extremely pleased with the results at the expos, and we are excited to bring the same experience to your homes!


As we compare 3D animation to 2D animation, 2D animation definitely has its advantages in terms of visual expression. We have explored and implemented the newest innovative technology to create an extremely realistic 2D animation with rich details for Code: HARDCORE.

We have applied skeleton animation and sprites switching techniques into the development of the game. With those techniques, we were able to create stunningly smooth animation for the Mecha.

Mechas are made out of pure metal. With the strong material to make the Mechas, they can appear to look very heavy and yet powerful. We have created the Mechas with great details in mind, that their appearances and movements will be matching to their weight accordingly.

We applied 2D Rotating-Animation technique with sprites to create an illusion of 3D animation.

We implemented a Japanese style animation for the player when they use their ultimate skill. When the ultimate skill is being used, the scene will zoom in for a close up scene to intensify the win or defeat.

2D graphics ≠ Mediocre. Our rich 2D rendering technique gives the 2D Animation exceptionally vivid details and immersive background.


Mecha is one of the best thing to trans-toying! We have partnered with CLIMAX CREATURE SERIES , one of the biggest toy manufacturer in China, to bring you 18.5 cm (7.2 inch) metal action figure of the our mechas, so you can recreate your favorite moments! The first figure we are going to release is main character’s mecha: Thunderbolt. It will be available at the same time as the game’s release; which is estimated to be around Q3~Q4 2017, but you can pre-order now!


As the biggest unstable factor in human civilization for a long time, rebels on Mars launched a sudden attack, leading to an unprecedented crisis to Earth.

Rebel Forces assembled a grand army, blitzkrieged every Jump Stations on the route between Earth to Mars. To human civilization, these crucial Jump Stations are the only connection to reach space colonies. Losing them resulted in a great advantage for Mars Rebel Forces.

After the Lunar colony collapses, Rebel Force has completely cut off the connection between Earth and other space colonies. They are ready to take over Earth at one shot. Meanwhile, Earth United Nations Forces are regaining their force. They have prepared to launch a massive counterattack and positioned with their top secret plan...

With the expansion in the human cities and space colonies, fighting in the complex terrains such as city streets and mountains have become more and more problematic. Thus, a new effective weapon must be developed to counter these tough scenarios. And the Mecha was born! They are 26-foot tall humanoid robots that have the most mobility and thickest armors to support tanks and aircrafts.

The tanks are good for open terrains, aircrafts are excellent for aerial warfare, and Mechas are perfect for urban operations.

In Code:HARDCORE, all mechas are Super Deformed (SD style). SD is only an art style of expression for game play. In fact, each mecha was designed with normal size and ratio.

The final version of the game will have at least 15 unique Mechas. In order to meet all of the mecha fans need, we will design different styles of the mechas as many as possible, such as: Japanese style, American style, Super Robot style, Real Robot style, and all other styles that we can think of.

In V.S. Battle Mode, the player is able to select different performance Mecha with a wide variety of weapons, items, and perks. Explore on your own and create a unique battle tactic!


Most mecha in game supports weapon selection. The same weapon may have a different effect on different Mecha.


Weapons and skills are not enough! Players can also bring more distinctive fighting equipment to the battlefield. This will give the player more possibilities in creating their own strategy.

Active Camouflage! (Working in progress...)


Every pilot is unique! They can eject and fight out of the mechas, and they also have their own personality and perks to affect the battle.

For story mode, there are a lot of fun missions for pilot character such as sneaking action or overtaking enemy’s Mecha.

Score Streak

Once you have reached a certain goal in a battle, you will enable a powerful Score Streak Skill. With the right Score Streak Skill, you may get a chance to win the battle.

We have already created an outstanding game framework to achieve all our cool ideas in gameplay. Eventually, we will add various weapons, items and skills as much as we can. The more support from you guys, the more things we can achieve.

Single Player

In addition to those diverse multiplayer modes, Code: HARDCORE also provide single-player mode.

A classic mode like Street Fighter is a must! Fighting against different characters in each round and a boss will show up sometimes in one of the rounds to battle against you. (Co-op supported)

How many waves of the enemy can you defense? Achieve the goal, and use the achieved rewards to upgrade your weapons and buy more support gears. (Co-op supported)

Enjoy well-designed and well-written story in story mode. Learn basic control and get to know the story background by interact with cinematic scenes. There will be 8 to 10 levels in the Story Mode.

By utilizing 2D skeleton and sprites, our animations look more than two dimensional! And it also saves on CPU and RAM on your computer letting you enjoy higher quality visuals. This all due to our talented animators’ hard-work, our mecha artistes’ amazing design and our engineers’ support.

Every mecha has hundreds of hand-drawing elements that requires a big amount of work to make, but result in such a beautiful graphics.


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